Brand Guidelines Registered Trademark

We will explain the precautions regarding the use of the IoT Station logo and brand name.
After your understanding, we grant you permission to use it only if you use it correctly in accordance with the guidelines set forth by our company.
*You don’t need to apply for it.

Usage Flow

  • 1.Review & Agree Guidelines

    File CheckFile Check

    Please be sure to check the guidelines. It can be used only if you understand the guidelines and agree to them.

  • 2.Download image


    Press “Download here” to download the data. Please follow the guidelines and use it correctly.

IoT Station
Brand Guidelines

You can download the IoT Station logo and use it for websites, printed materials, and more. When using logos,
please review the IoT Station Brand Guidelines before using them.

Company name / Service name

When writing in text, use the official name correctly.

  • Japanese Notation


  • English Notation

    Co., Ltd.

  • Service name

    IoT Station