Facilities Management Solution

Facilities management work involves not only checking facilities, but also checking machine operation, diagnosing deterioration, maintenance and replacement of parts, etc. It is essential to support people’s lives, but the facilities management industry is facing a labor shortage.
IoT Station, an IoT platform service, is good at solving problems related to facility management.
Visualization of data generated from various devices can significantly improve productivity and operational efficiency in facilities management sites.
Centralized management of collected data also improves operational efficiency and helps labor saving.

We can help prevent animal damage with remote monitoring of traps and alert notification when animals get caught.

IoT Station facility management platform
A facility management solution that visualizes the real-time status of things. Improves operational efficiency by centrally managing the operational status and operating hours of equipment in factories and facilities, as well as the status of infrastructure structures.
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Free useful documents for download!Introducing facilities management solution

Free useful documents for download!
Introducing facilities management solution

Leave the issues related to facility management to IoT Station, such as operating conditions of machinery and environmental monitoring of mechanical facilities! Efficient management of unmanned facilities leads to cost reduction and labor saving. We will introduce IoT Station along with usage examples.

IoT activities in facility management

IoT can be deployed in any aspect of facility management. Other than listed,
we can suggest the best solution according to the customer’s requests and concerns.

  • Management of facility equipment operations
    Management of facility equipment operations
    IoT sensors in the facility enable monitoring of facility equipment operation and temperature conditions in the server room. It can be monitored remotely even if there are no people on site.
  • Maintenance and management of infrastructure structures
    Maintenance and management of infrastructure structures
    By using IoT sensors that detect distortion, cracks, and incline of objects, aging of infrastructure structures such as bridges and tunnels can be visualized. You can see the deterioration that cannot be determined by the human eye, so it can be maintained smoothly.
  • Breaker Operational Status Management
    Breaker Operational Status Management
    It is possible to manage the operation of the breaker by installing IoT sensors at construction sites and facilities. Labor saving can be expected because no need to go to the installation place to check.
  • Facilities maintenance efficiency
    Facilities maintenance efficiency
    By using temperature, humidity, pressure sensors, etc,it visualizes the operation of the facility. Because you can notice even minor abnormalities that are hard to notice by human, you can prevent the machine from malfunctioning.
  • For measures against infectious diseases in facilities
    For measures against infectious diseases in facilities
    The IoT sensor monitors the carbon dioxide concentration and enables proper ventilation. Visualization of the air environment has helped create a safe and secure space.

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