Monitoring Solution

There is a need to monitor of the health of elderly parents living far away, check the safety of their friends who went hiking, manage the safety of each worker, and watch over in various situations regardless of the target or location. IoT Station, an IoT platform service, is good at solving problems related to this kind of monitoring. Visualize the data necessary for monitoring from various IoT sensors and protect the safety of the person who needs to be monitored. In addition, the data collected can be managed centrally and information can be shared among multiple members to help

We solve various problems related to monitoring such as location information, biometric information management, and vehicle management.

IoT Station Monitoring Platform
A monitoring solution that visualizes the location information and status of things and people. We support monitoring in various situations such as managing the elderly’s physical condition, sleeping conditions of caregivers, location information management of climbers, and vehicle management of drivers.
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Free usful documents to download!Introducing Monitoring Solution

Free usful documents to download!
Introducing Monitoring Solution

The IoT station is used for various monitoring purposes, such as checking safety during outdoor activities and managing data on drivers’ alcohol checks. We will introduce the IoT Station service, which is OEM compatible and can be customized flexibly, and why you should choose us.

Use of IoT in monitoring

IoT can be deployed in any scene that requires monitoring.
Other than listed, we can suggest the best solution according to the customer’s requests and concerns.

  • Safe driving management for drivers
    Safe driving management for drivers
    By using an IoT sensor that can detect alcohol, it is possible to check the driver’s alcohol anytime, anywhere. The driver’s name, vehicle number, date and time, alcohol level, etc. can be instantly recognized for smooth and efficient management.
  • Biometric information management at bedtime
    Biometric information management at bedtime
    By installing a body motion sensor on a bed, it is possible to manage biometric information while sleeping. It is easy to obtain sensitive data such as heart rate and breathing components without disturbing users’ sleep.
  • Confirmation of outdoor safety
    Confirmation of outdoor safety
    By using a GNSS (GPS) tracker and communicator compatible with Sigfox, it is possible to manage the user’s location information even if the mobile phone is out of service. You can share information with people you want at any time, even if you are in a mountainous area or other place where it is difficult to reach.
  • Location information management for field workers
    Location information management for field workers
    By installing a receiver in a room such as a factory and giving a beacon to the worker working in the factory, it is possible to manage the location information of the worker.Information is updated regularly, so you can keep up with the latest information even when you’re on the move.
  • Watch over the elderly
    Watch over the elderly
    By connecting the home electronic devices of elderly parents who live far away to the IoT, it is possible to check the usage status even from a distance. You can easily grasp the behavior of parents.

Depolyment flow

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    “I want to improve my business with DX, but I don’t know how to get started.” “I want to use more data,” etc. First of all, please let us know your company’s requests, concerns, and current situation.

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    Based on the hearing, we will suggest the best service. Please feel free to consult with us as we will change the content of your proposal depending on your industry, needs, and current problems.

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