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This website is operated by Genech Communications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company). (hereinafter referred to as this site)

When using this site, please read and agree to the following site terms and conditions before using this site. If you have used it, you agree to all of the following website terms and conditions. The terms of use of this site are subject to change without notice. Please check for the latest information. In that case, please note that the revised terms of use will be applied.

1.Restrictions on the Use of Information and Intellectual Property Rights

Any information contained on this site (documents, photographs, data, designs, etc.) is copyrighted by our company and the user is prohibited from using this information in Japan and other countries under the terms of copyright lawsand treaties, It is protected by various laws including, but not limited to, trademark law and other proprietary rights laws. Users may not reproduce, modify, distribute, sell, publish or otherwise use the information on this site beyond the scope of private use without written permission from the company. Downloads, data storage, and printouts for private use (including obtaining the consent of the third party through our company, if any third party has rights in connection with the information) are permitted as private use rights of the user. However, it cannot be reprinted on any other website or print media. Private use of the information contained on this site shall be automatically revoked if it violates the Terms of Use. We will not grant you any rights other than those expressly provided in the Terms of Use of this Site.

2.Trademark and Copyright

We may collect personal information to the extent necessary. The scope of personal information collected shall not exceed the limits necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In addition, collection is done by appropriate and equitable.

3.Handling of Information Submissionい

We do not warrant the safety of any information sent to or from this site other than personal information. You are at risk for the safety of any information provided on this site. Please do not send confidential or proprietary information to us from this site. Except for personal information, any information sent is considered non-confidential. You agree that we are free to use any non-confidential information sent to us. Personal information you send to us will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy (see separate page). We prohibit the presentation or transmission of any illegal, threatening, libelous, obscene, abstract, inflammatory, pornographic or blasphemy information or any information that may cause civil and criminal liability.

4.Link to third-party site

We do not provide any particular information about any other sites that you may access through this site. When users visit a site other than ours, it is independent of us and we have no control over the content of that website. Access to a non-Company site does not mean that we make any warranties or assume any responsibility for the content or use of that site. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the sites other than our company that the user uses do not contain viruses or other destructive material. We make no representations or warranties regarding products offered on any third party site. Links between this site and other sites do not imply endorsement of the site by us.


The Company reserves the right to investigate the exchange of information between users, including e-mail and blog comments, we are not obligated to investigate. The Company shall provide users with information regarding the system of the Service and the quality of services provided, information provided by the Company or third parties through the Service (including information contained in advertisements displayed on the network), etc. We make no warranties, including completeness, accuracy and usefulness. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by information or services provided through the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for any disputes arising between users or with third parties regarding information and services provided through the Company. We are not responsible for any difficulty, impossibility, or incomplete or complete delivery of any or all services to this site. In addition, users who can connect to this site shall not pursue any responsibility to our company for such failures.

6.Prohibited matter

  • – Acts contrary to public order and morals
  • – Acts in violation of laws and regulations, etc.
  • – Acts that cause disadvantages to other users or third parties (infringement of copyrights or portrait rights, slander, etc.)
  • – Acts that interfere with the operation of the Company or damage the trust of the Company
  • – Business activities on the Internet that are not approved by the Company
  • – Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution of all information relating to this Service
  • – Acts that violate the terms and conditions established by PC communication companies and contracted providers
  • – Acts of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs, etc.
  • – Acts of falsifying information about our company or this service or the information provided through this service
  • – Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

7.Service Change Disruption Discontinue

The Company may change the contents of this Service without prior notice or consent. The Company may suspend or discontinue part or all of the Service in any of the following cases.

  • a. Periodic maintenance, updates and emergencies of our network systems
  • b. Cases where it is difficult to provide services due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, or natural disaster
  • c. In addition, if we find it difficult to provide services due to unexpected circumstances

8.Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The Japanese Constitution and laws apply to these Terms of Use and this website. In addition, disputes concerning these Terms of Use and this Site shall be resolved by a trial under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kyoto District Court.

10 September 2013 Genech Communication Co., Ltd.