Disaster Prevention Solution

In recent years, natural disasters have occurred frequently due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. In particular, earthquakes and typhoons occur suddenly, so it is difficult to completely prevent damage. Local governments and administrators are required to provide real-time information to local residents to ensure the safety of the entire town. IoT Station, an IoT platform service, is good at solving problems related to natural disasters. Data generated from various IoT sensors can be visualized, enabling smooth disaster prevention responses when natural disasters occur. Centralized management of collected data support the efficiency improvement and labor saving of disaster prevention response.

We will solve problems related to natural disasters such as flooding, inundation, and evacuation notices.

IoT Station Disaster Prevention Platform
A disaster prevention solution that provides information such as flooding and inundation during earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains, and thunderstorms. We will improve the efficiency of disaster response by collectively managing flooding and inundation, as well as notifications when natural disasters occur.
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Free useful documents for downlaod!Introducing disaster prevention solution

Free useful documents for downlaod!
Introducing disaster prevention solution

IoT Station is designed to improve the efficiency and labor saving of disaster response operations while protecting the safety of local residents even in the event of a disaster! Various information such as flooding and inundation is visualized and centrally managed on a single screen.

IoT’s activities in disaster prevention

IoT can be deployed in any scene that requires disaster prevention.
Other than listed, we can suggest the best solution according to the customer’s requests and concerns.

  • Flooding and inundation management of roads
    Flooding and inundation management of roads
    By attaching a flood sensor to street lights and curve mirrors, flooding and inundation of roads can be visualized. Since it is powered by batteries, it can be installed without power supply construction.
  • Efficiency of patrol operations<
    Efficiency of patrol operations
    It can accurately detect the location of a natural disaster and reduce the amount of patrol work. It also helps reduce risks during patrols and provides safety and security for all local residents.
  • Prompt Evacuation Advisory
    Prompt Evacuation Advisory
    Since it is possible to know when and where a natural disaster occurred, evacuation information can be quickly provided. Smart management is possible because alert comes when it occurs.
  • vention of secondary disasters
    Prevention of secondary disasters
    The act of sending workers to the disaster site is life-threatening. By making full use of IoT, it becomes possible to grasp information in real time, leading to the prevention of secondary disasters.
  • Risk prediction
    Risk prediction
    By accumulating the water level and precipitation data of the river, the danger can be predicted.It also leads quick and appropriate decision making and helps ensure safety.
  • Reduction of time loss in organizing information
    Reduction of time loss in organizing information
    It used to take time and effort to organize analog data collected by workers. IoT automatically organizes and accumulates data, so you can expect significant time savings.

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