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The environment surrounding the logistics industry is undergoing major changes due to the expansion of the e-commerce market and flea market apps. Issues are diverse, such as labor shortages and deterioration of transportation efficiency, and reform of the entire process is required.
IoT Station, an IoT platform service, is good at solving these problems in the logistics industry.
By visualizing the data generated from various IoT sensors, we greatly improve the productivity and operational efficiency of the logistics site.
Centralized management of collected data also improves operational efficiency and helps labour saving.

We will solve the problems of logistics management such as location information, inventory management, and temperature management.

IoT Station Logistics Platform
A logistics management solution that visualizes the location information of things, vehicles, and people. Centralized management of distribution pallets and carts, positional information management of delivery trucks, quality control of transported packages, etc., Advance to the logistics DX with IoT Station.
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Free usful documents to download!Introducing Logistics Solutions

Free usful documents to download!
Introducing Logistics Solutions

We are distributing the easy to understand documents that describe trends and issues in the logistics industry. We will introduce IoT Station, a logistics management solution, along with examples of utilization.

IoT’s activities
in the logistics industry

IoT can be deployed in all aspects of logistics management.
Other than listed, we can suggest the best solution according to the customer’s requests and concerns.

  • Management of logistics pallets and carts
    Management of logistics pallets and carts
    A palette with Sigfox devices allows you to manage location information without GPS. No more empty pallets are stuck or lost, and pallet operation and management costs will be reduced.
  • Efficiency of delivery operations
    Efficiency of delivery operations
    Track with GPS+Sigfox device for location management of delivery trucks. Eliminate long waiting times for trucks at ports and large distribution bases and create a smooth distribution system.
  • Management of entry and exit of workers
    Management of entry and exit of workers
    By having workers carry RFID tags, it is possible to manage the entry and exit of workers using the RFID reader installed at the gate. Improve security with smart entry and exit management.
  • Temperature and humidity control of transportation cargo
    Temperature and humidity control of transportation cargo
    By installing sensors in the container, temperature and humidity can be centrally managed. Monitoring whether standard values are deviated, it is possible to help improve the quality of your shipment.
  • Facilities maintenance efficiency
    Facilities maintenance efficiency
    Use temperature, humidity, water leakage sensors, etc. to visualize the condition of the facility. You can also notice minor abnormalities that are hard to notice by human. Also, by installing it in a place where it is difficult to inspect, we can expect to improve the efficiency of our work and speed up our response.

Depolyment flow

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    “I want to improve my business with DX, but I don’t know how to get started.” “I want to use more data,” etc. First of all, please let us know your company’s requests, concerns, and current situation.

  • Proposals / QuotationsProposals / Quotations

     2.Proposals / Quotations

    Based on the hearing, we will suggest the best service. Please feel free to consult with us as we will change the content of your proposal depending on your industry, needs, and current problems.

  • Contract / deliveryContract / delivery

     3.Contract / delivery

    Once you have signed the contract, we will deliver and start operation according to your requirement.