Standard features and customization

IoT Station offers convenient standard features and IoT Station templates. In areas where there are many needs (Logistics Management, Safety Management, Temperature and Humidity Management, etc.), we offer a variety of initial functions to help reduce development costs. In addition, we can also respond to requests and customizations that match the customer’s IoT business, as well as OEM support.


Many convenient standard features!

To turn your ideas into a business right away, we have standard features that are convenient to you. Also, by utilizing the IoT Station template,
IoT can be introduced with a short development period and low development cost.

  • Changing the theme color
  • Multilingual support
  • Multi-level management
  • Two-step authentication
    when logging in
  • Latest
  • Email notification
    when threshold is exceeded
  • Fusion of floor map and sensor information
  • Pick up and visualize specific sensor information
  • Compatible with SPs and tablets as well as PCs
Find out in 3 minutes! Introducing IoT Station V2

Free documents for download!
Find out in 3 minutes! Introducing IoT Station V2

Easy to understand what the IoT Station can achieve, its features and functions. IoT Station will solve your company’s problems and support efficiency and labor saving.


Various template design

IoT Station provides templates specialized for fields with many needs. It can be used regardless of industry,
so we can move forward with the ideas and plans of our customers in all industries.

  • デモ画面01
  • デモ画面02
  • デモ画面03
  • デモ画面04
  • デモ画面05
  • デモ画面06

IoT Station provide solutions for all industries!


Customizable for OEM

We fully listen to customers’ requests such as “I want to link it with the business system” and “I want to see multiple sensor information on a single screen.” We would like to offer you a service that meets your requirements as much as possible. We also accept requests for application development and post-production maintenance. Please feel free to contact us as we can flexibly respond to requests other than those listed below.

  • Proprietary domain
  • Expansion of communication equipment
  • Graph changing (line, stack, etc.)
  • Logo
  • Full design
  • External API
  • Display multiple sensors information
    in your own domain on a single screen

Supports a wide variety of
communication standards and sensors

IoT Station supports various communication standards and sensors. Please feel free to contact us if you are having trouble selecting sensor and communication standards.

Representative example of communication standards

  • sigfox
  • LoRaWAN
  • NB-IoT
  • ZETA
  • LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • BLE

Example of supported sensors

  • Infrared sensor
  • Water level sensor
  • Illuminance sensor
  • Human detecting
  • Temperature and
    humidity sensor
  • Pressure
  • Vibration sensor
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Contact sensor
  • Co2 sensor
  • Displacement sensor
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • GPS
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Acceleration sensor