IoT Station Pricing Structure

IoT stations can help reduce IoT deployment costs and time.
By using the “IoT Station Template”, which has various designs, it is possible to install in 1 month as the shortest while reducing development costs.
Running costs are based on sensor pay-as-you-go and can start from a minimum.
You can also customize it to suit your needs.Please feel free to consult with us.

  • Basic usage feeBasic usage fee

     1.50,000 JPY
    (Tax included 55,000 JPY)

    This is the basic fee for using IoT Station. It’s a fixed monthly charge.

    *The price is for one URL.

  • Sensor usage feeSensor usage fee

     2.510 JPY / 1 sensor
    (Tax included 561 JPY)

    Pay-as-you-go system for each sensor.

    *We expect to use LPWA equivalent communication standards.
    *We assume that the data storage period per unit is 1 year and the amount of data is up to 1GB.
    *Other terms and conditions will be quoted separately.

  • Development costDevelopment cost
    (customization cost)

    3.Please consult with us for details.

    We can propose a dashboards that suit the customer’s request and data characteristics. For more information on customization, please consult with us.

Customer SupportCustomer Support

Customize Support Package
50,000 JPY(Tax included 55,000 JPY)

We are responding to your request after the service has started. This package is designed to support customization within the man-hours of 20 people per year. We recommend that you use it at any time during the year.

*Includes specification meeting, implementation, and testing.
*New program development will be quoted separately, and we assume that this program will be applied to additional requests for the program we have delivered and to support specification changes.
*In the case of additional customization support using this service, we will specify the schedule after receiving your request.
*If the volume is expected to exceed the man-hours of 20 people’s days in advance, an additional contract can be made in units of 50,000 JPY/20 people’s days.
Example) If you wish for 60 people’s day/year : 50,000 yen/20 people’s day x 3 set of contracts. *The subscription contract is for one year from the date of the contract.

Depolyment flow

  • HearingHearing


    “I want to improve my business with DX, but I don’t know how to get started.” “I want to use more data,” etc. First of all, please let us know your company’s requests, concerns, and current situation.

  • Proposals / QuotationsProposals / Quotations

     2.Proposals / Quotations

    Based on the hearing, we will suggest the best service. Please feel free to consult with us as we will change the content of your proposal depending on your industry, needs, and current problems.

  • Contract / deliveryContract / delivery

     3.Contract / delivery

    Once you have signed the contract, we will deliver and start operation according to your requirement.