Security Policy

About Information Security Initiatives

Genech Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) handles many “information assets” through information processing services and contracted system development, and recognizes that social responsibility is extremely high.

We hereby declare that we will establish an Information Security Management System that clarifies our company’s basic stance on information security and its handling standards, and that we will deal with it appropriately and strictly.

Information Security Policy

  • 1. First, we aim to be a reliable and secure company with the goal of achieving the satisfaction of not only our customers but also everyone involved in our products.
  • 2. To respond to changing information technology and new threats by taking appropriate organizational and technological measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.
  • 3. We will conduct information security education and thoroughly disseminate policies to all employees, and will work to raise and maintain awareness.
  • 4. We set objectives for the management system and information security, review them regularly, and implement and maintain continuous improvements.
  • 5. Delegate responsibility and authority to the manager in order to implement, maintain, and improve the management system.

Enactment: November 13, 2020
Revised: August 1, 2022
Genech Communication Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President: Yoshihiko Mima